Download Geo Predator 1.0.0209 APK

Download Geo Predator 1.0.0209 APK

App Information of Geo Predator

App Name Geo Predator v1.0.0209
Genre Action, Games
Size24.4 MB
Latest Version1.0.0209
Get it On Google Play
Package Namecom.einnovention.geo

Description of Geo Predator

Players around the world are on a map using their real-time GPS location, to track down other players who have also bought into worldwide map.

When a player enters the “attack radius” of another player’s, player is then able to “attack” and take other players coins (which transfer into real cash.)

Players are able to buy “defenses” to defend themselves against an attack.

Tip: Players can take control of areas by using strategical tactics! Group up with your friends and single people out easily!


Be sure to buy in at the max amount of $100, otherwise you will have to worry about players who have a higher coin value than you.

Players that have a higher coin value than you are able to attack you. You are safe from anyone who has lesser coin value than you.

If you are attacked successfully, and have no defenses, your coins are taken, you are thrown off the map and have to make a new account to get back into the game.


– What is the purpose of your app?
Players are able to buy into The Geo Predator Map, travel the world using their phone’s GPS Location, and “attack“ other players by entering their “attack zone” and clicking the attack button. If a player “attacks“ another player successfully, the attacker takes the other player’s coins, which transfer into real cash.

-You are able to buy up to 3 defenses if hit with a defense that player is safe from same player. Now another player can attack him and if he doesn’t have any defends left then that money will go into there wallet.

-People can also team up on someone and take all 3 defends

– Who is your target audience?
17+ everyone

– Does your app access any paid content or services?
Yes. You can purchase virtual coins and defenses.

-How do you collect coins?
You can find coins in random locations around the map from where other players have pressed the suicide button. Their coins turn into smaller amounts dispersed by the suicide location.

– What are the paid content or services, and what are the costs?
$1= 1 Coin

– Where do they pay, and what’s the payment method?
Payments are made on our website, This is also where players deposit and withdrawal funds.

– How do users obtain coins?
Players take coins from other players, by “attacking” them. Coins taken from other players go into their virtual wallet that is found on You can view all your earnings on there.

– Can users transfer the coins obtained into real money?

– How do players withdraw money?
In wallet area there will be a place to buy coins you will then be directed to our secure website where you will have your account info. You will see how many coins you have. Anytime you want to deposit or withdrawl you will do that threw this website.

– How do users obtain coins from other users?
They attack them and if the player has no defenses, player that attacked other player will get the money. That money will then go to to player who was successfully at attacking’s wallet.

– What are the coins used for?
The amount coin you buy in with will matter because big bank takes little bank.

Example: A player that buys in for $10 can only take from players with $10. If he saw someone on map for $20 he cannot touch them.

Example 2: If you buy in for $100 that is max amount available on this app. You will be able to take anyone’s coins on the map, that is, if they have no defenses. Depending on how many defenses a player has, is how many times you will have to attack. Players attacked that use a defense are safe for a limited amount of time after struck.-enough time to get away.

Example 3: Say someone had 3 defends and group of 4 others come to attack that one single person, one defend only defends against one player at a time. The single player would then get his money taking by being overrun.

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