Adria Arjona Description

A young Puerto Rican Adria Arjona promptly burst into the film world, becoming equal to the brightest stars of modern Hollywood. In 2015, Adria played a minor role in "This Detective", and playing the role of an adult and such a beautiful Dorothy of all the favorite books of Baum, became a real star.

Adria Arjona is Puerto Rican, born in San Juan on April 25th 1992, but like her older brother Ricardo, she spent her childhood travelling with her father, a basketball player and musician Ricardo Arjona. She could fall asleep in Guatemala and wake up in Argentina. "The concept of routine" was unfamiliar to us. No one in our family worked five days from 9 to 5. My family made me so creative and open to all new people," - later recalled the actress.

The girl, of course, liked the creative environment and acquaintance with the artists of other countries, but she needed to get an education, and parents decided to send a freedom-loving and wilful daughter in a private school in Miami. Ricardo and his wife Leslie thought that Adria would rebel, but she calmly accepted the news and became one of the best students in the school, graduating from which she moved to New York. She also took it easy to accept her parents' divorce in 2005.

In 2010, Adria entered the express course at the famous Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, and to prove to parents his own and serious intentions, the seventeen-year-old girl worked as a waitress and nanny for hire, and even walked dogs, but she paid for housing and study.

ACTER Carrier On the television screen cute little Puerto Rican first appeared in 2013, she played the role of a victim in an episode of the popular police series "Remember Everything", in which Poppy Montgomery played a lady detective with phenomenal memory. Over the next year, Adria took part in several entertainment TV shows and played minor roles in the TV series "Drugs" and "In sight.

In 2015, the young actress was able to achieve a slightly more prominent role in the series, a fan of which she was. In the second season of "The Real Detective" young Puerto Rican appeared in six episodes, she played Emily and is most remembered by viewers on the episode in which he is trying to seduce Paul Woodrow, who played Taylor Kitch. In the project, the young actress was lucky to meet with Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell, as well as with Rachel McAdams.

The role in the multi-episode TV fantasy "Emerald City" was Adria's next success in the story, based on the world's favorite children's books by Lyman Frank Baum, and at once on all fourteen, Adria played the role of an adult girl Dorothy, who blew into a parallel world. The most famous performer of the role of Dorothy is considered to be Judy Garland, and many film critics have found that the short and cute Adria even resembles the famous movie diva. In an interview with Archon admitted that, of course, she has many times reviewed the legendary film from Garland, but still tried not to copy it.

In the project Adria collaborated with Gerran Howell, Ana Ularu, Karen Gunn and the famous sergeant Kuchey from "All-metal shell" - Vincent D`Onofrio. Many film critics have found the interpretation of Baum's stories too adult and gloomy, and the film has not become popular with either children's or adult audience, remembering more successful screen versions of his favorite fairy tale, but brought the popularity of Adria, whose sincere play and undoubted talent noticed and film critics and the audience. "Pacific Frontier 2" was the debut of a young Puerto Rican woman in the big movie. In this film, released in 2018, Adria collaborated with Scott Eastwood.

PERSONAL LIFE of Adria Arjona Adria does not hide that until she met a young man with whom she could start a romantic relationship. After the premiere of "The Triple Frontier" actress opened and admitted that sometimes she feels alone, and many men consider it too impregnable. Adria Arjona NOW In the acute thriller about the robbery "Triple Frontier", which premiered in March 2019, Adria played a not very big, but no doubt important role, becoming part of a well-coordinated team of Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal and Charlie Hannam. The viewers liked the spectacular and realistic thriller with its dynamism and beauty of shooting, as well as the acting game.

Since the end of 2018, the young star is shot in the film "6 feet", it is known that, together with Adria in the action movie play Ryan Reynolds, Ben Hardy and the French beauty Melanie Laurent. Filming is mostly in Italy, the date of the premiere information is not reported. In spring 2019 fans of the fantasy genre were waiting for the premiere of the mini-series based on the novel, which was created by two British fantasy geniuses - Neil Heyman and died in 2015, an amazing storyteller and romanticist Terry Pratchett.


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