Avengers Endgame Description

Arriving in the closed African country of Wakanda, which has become the center of a decisive battle for the future for the entire universe, titanium named Tanos extracted the last of the stones of Infinity and produced a click that in an instant destroyed half of all living beings. According to Thanos' plan, this was the only way to preserve the balance and harmony of life, giving the survivors a chance to change the universe for the better. Looking from the outside at the purified world, Thanos believed that the long-lasting world had finally been fulfilled and that he had become exactly the savior who would sooner or later enter history as a savior or even God. But the situation was far from as iridescent as he thought it would be...

Showing the world the first movie universe Marvel, producer Kevin Faigi and his team of talented subordinates immediately told fans of comic books that their plans include something much larger than the local confrontation Iron Man with Abadia Stein or the struggle of the Hulk with General Ross. In each part of the inexorably expanding series, we could see different details that could unite the cult heroes' scattered adventures into a single whole. Having successfully paved the path to the big screens for Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, the creators of the Movie Universe took the step that millions of viewers expected of them and in 2012 revealed to the world a united team of "Avengers", who spoke with one voice against alien legions of the god of cunning Loki, who betrayed his native Asgard and conspired with Thanos, who had never appeared in any Marvel movie before. Watching from deep space the confrontation of Earth's superheroes with Loki within densely populated New York City, mad titan saw a true power of valor that could have prevented his plans from being implemented in life, but he was not going to give up. Having found a place for himself in the "Guards of the Galaxy" and having taken a cameo in the second "Avengers", Tanos turned out to be much more understandable and threatening characters, which certainly should be reckoned with. And his finest hour came already in 2018, when the efforts of the Rousseau brothers in the rental were "Avengers: War of Infinity", debunking the myth of the invincibility of the forces of good that fell in the struggle with titanium, finally gathered his legendary glove.

Before the release of "War of Infinity" was difficult to imagine almost all the key characters of the Cinema Universe in one film, but the creators were able to intelligently distribute screen time between them, built quite a tense drama with the characters who died before the click of Tonos and caused a serious intrigue turning the Black Panther, Dr. Strange and Spider-Man in the dust. And although there could not be much anxiety about their death in view of the beginning of work on the solo adventures of the characters in subsequent films Marvel, the audience was in a frenzy of what they saw and began to build all theories about what may be the fourth "Avengers", six months before the premiere received a laconic subtitle "Final". And the degree of expectation was so high that Kevin Faigi could safely cut the column costs for the advertising campaign. "The Avengers" turned into a brand that sells itself perfectly, and yet with all the cash records of the Cinema Universe, no one canceled the artistic qualities of the picture, which was also worth working on very carefully. Shooting some "Avengers" for others, the Rousseau brothers warned the audience that despite a single process of "Final" will be strikingly different from "War of Infinity" and now that the film finally found itself in distribution and brought a peculiar feature under the first decade of the Marvel Cinema Universe, viewers have the opportunity to make their own unique opinion on the precedent, which for the film is historical.

The events of the "Finale" cross the end of the "War of Infinity" with gravity, showing us the world after a click that excludes joy and smiles. The surviving members of the "Avengers" team are in turmoil, finally trying to cope with their thoughts and understand what to do next. Having lost their invaluable team members, who were capable of truly amazing things, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and his comrades-in-arms, nevertheless, are not going to fold their hands and accept the present reality as a blind given. And soon the remaining Avengers have a cherished opportunity to challenge Tanos with dignity, and thus try to eradicate the mistakes made by titan on his cherished mission to save the universe. The time for the jokes has passed, the hour of the Finale has come.

How to set Avengers Endgame wallpaper windows desktop, android, iphone, mac

Set Avengers Endgame wallpaper on your windows desktop

  • Download the wallpaper from our website with special button, all images that we have has high quality and definition, that means you can install it on any device and it will fit perfectly
  • After downloading the image, go to the folder with the saved image, right-click on it and select "Set as Desktop Background".
If a wallpaper does not appear on your desktop, you need to update it. If the desktop is empty, right-click on it and select "Refresh".

Set Avengers Endgame wallpaper on Android device

First of all you need download the wallpaper and it will be uploaded to your device. When viewing it in the gallery, you can use the options to set the image as wallpaper. Also, to install the downloaded image, you can press and hold your finger for a while on an empty area of the Android background, which will open the desktop setup tools. Select the "Wallpaper" tab and install the desired one (you can find the downloaded images in the "Gallery" or "Download" foler):

Install Avengers Endgame wallpaper on iPhone and iPad

In order to install your own wallpaper on your iPhone and iPad, you need to select "All Photos" and navigate through the media library to install a downloaded wallpaper from the Internet. As soon as it is selected, a menu of its approval will appear. Here you can choose the "Screensaver" or "Perspective" effects. The second option moves the picture slightly across the screen when your iPhone or iPad tilts in space.

After pressing the "Set" button, a mini-menu with options will appear: "Lock Screen", "Home Screen" and "Both screens". It's simple here. If you want to install new wallpaper at once on your home screen and lock screen, you should choose the last third option, and in other cases - any other option at your discretion. After clicking on the desired option, in a few seconds, the new wallpaper will be installed in the selected places.

Set Avengers Endgame wallpaper as background on MAC

  • Download image with Avengers Endgame that you like the most
  • Open the Finder (find it in the Dock panel or in the search box).
  • Find the desired image.
  • Right-click on it or press two fingers on the MacBook trackpad to call up the context menu.
  • Select the Services option → Set Desktop Wallpaper.