Eiza Gonzalez Description

Eiza Gonzalez is an actress and singer from Mexico who became famous after her role in the American thriller "Baby Driver.

Ace was born in the small town of Caborca, Sonora in northern Mexico. Her mother was a popular Mexican top model Glenda Raine, so the family had no doubt that the cute charming girl will follow in her footsteps. Already at age four, little Ace tried to defile in front of a mirror in mom's high heels and imagined herself on the catwalk.

Everything changed in an instant, when police informed the family about the tragic death of the head of the family, Carlos Gonzalez. He crashed on his motorcycle. For a twelve-year-old girl and her 24-year-old brother Julen, the event was a terrible shock. Ace fell into a deep depression, withdrawn into herself, reluctant to communicate with others.

To get out of this state, she was helped by classes in a theater studio. Acting is so carried away by the girl that at age 14, she entered a specialized acting school. In parallel, Ace studied English and Italian in depth at Edron Academy and the American School Foundation. And yet, the trauma of losing her father still made itself felt: from 15 to 20 years of age, she occasionally experienced attacks of severe depression and suffered from compulsive overeating.

At the age of 16, Asa made her Mexican film debut. Beginning actress entrusted the key role of a teenage girl in the youth soap opera "Lola: A Long Time ago," which she coped perfectly.

Having traveled with the promotion of the film all over the country, the young actress became incredibly popular at home. She began to receive interesting proposals from directors, advertisers and sound producers. Soon Ace became the face of the world famous brands Avon and Always, her photos repeatedly appeared in the glossy pages of Cosmopolitan and Glamour. Having starred in several other Mexican series ("Killer Women", "Dream With Me"), she finally established herself as a promising actress.

Unexpected success is so winged the young girl that she was eighteen years old went to the New York acting school Lee Strasberg. Soon the charming Mexican was noticed by Robert Rodriguez. He invited her to the role of the fatal vampire Santanico Pandemonium from the television version of the film "From sunset to dawn" (in the cult tape script by Quetina Tarantino this heroine performed by Salma Hayek).

This work has glorified Ace not only in the U.S., but also abroad, making a novice actress of the world-class star.

Acceleration of her career gave the role of sexy broiler Darling in the sharp story film by Edgar Wright's "Baby Driver" (2017). Rodriguez, who worked with Asa on "From sunset to dawn," advised the creator of" Baby " take her to the cast with the wording:" This girl will tear the frame!

"Really ripped it up," Wright said later in rapture. - She is very cute, beautiful and funny, but inside a real bomb, and if she is in danger, turns into an emotional tornado.

The girl also released two rather successful solo albums, which included both the soundtracks from her films and original vocal compositions.

The actress's personal life is as bright, stormy and unpredictable as her career. The actress was ascribed passionate romances with singer Alejandro Fernandez, actor Liam Hemsworth, businessman Pepe Diaz and football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

On the set of "From sunset to dawn" Ace spun a lava story with the actor DJ Cotronoy, which, like all previous ones, did not end in anything serious. Since 2018, the actress meets with actor and photomodel Josh Duhamel.

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