Henry Cavill Description

Henry was born in one of the Normandy Islands, Jersey, on May 5, 1983. The boy's father worked as a financier, and his mother was a housewife and raised five sons, of whom Henry was the fourth. The small island of Jersey was not of interest to him and did not provide development opportunities, so in 1996 the boy was happy to go to a classic English boarding school in Buckinghamshire County (Stow).

At boarding school, at the age of 13, Henry was faced with the cruelest discipline for the first time. Studying in an institution with strict orders hardened his character, prepared him for the trials of adult life. The only outlet for the young man was the local theater, where he played with his classmates in various plays. According to the actor, this school has taught him to be independent, to solve problems and fight with difficulties far from home, without the support of loved ones.

In the process of training, the boy became fond of ancient history and Egyptology. He read a lot of books on these subjects and seriously planned to go to university to get a degree. But first he wanted to serve in the army like his two older brothers. In addition, in the boarding school, the young man was actively engaged in sports: rugby and field hockey.

However, the life plans of the young man was not destined to come true, and Hollywood acquired another talented actor. Because of the school bench, Henry got on the set. Behind his shoulders there are no acting courses, but it does not prevent him to realistically transform into their characters.

In addition to his successful work, Cavill's acting career has been a failure. Thus, a young man failed to play Cedric in "Harry Potter and the Fire Cup" - this role went to Robert Pattinson. Then the producers of "Casino Royale" considered the actor too young for the role of James Bond. At the casting of the tape "Twilight" Pattinson again took Cavill's lead role - vampire Edward.

In 2007, luck turned to face the young actor. He began acting in the historical series "The Tudors. The project lasted three years, and Hollywood directors finally noticed a talented performer of one of the main roles (son-in-law of King Henry VIII and his good friend). In 2009, he was invited to play Evan Marshall in the horror movie "Bloody Creek". And Woody Allen offered him a secondary role in his film "Whatever Works.

The next year of 2010 was a truly successful one for Cavill. It was marked by an invitation to the title role of ancient hero Theseus in the spectacular large-budget project "War of the Gods: The Immortals", which was released in 2011. Theseus fights monsters and ancient titans, and the gods and faithful friends help him. In the thriller "Wednesday in broad daylight" (2011), the actor's character reveals a state conspiracy, trying to save his family and country.

In June 2013, the premiere of the film about the adventures of Superman "Man of Steel. Directed by Zack Snyder in Henry saw enough potential for the realization of the most famous superhero comic book.


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