Jennifer Aniston Description

Born February 11, 1969 in California to an acting family. Soon after the birth of a daughter, the family went to Greece for one year, where they were invited by a friend of his father and godfather Jennifer. And later they settled in New York. Aniston's parents separated when she was nine years old, the girl remained with her mother, but often visited her father in Los Angeles, where he played in the TV series. Already in school, Jennifer began studying acting in the drama club of the school Rudolf Steiner. She was also fond of painting and one of her watercolors was even exhibited in the Metropoliten Museum. And in 1987, Aniston graduated from the School of Acting in New York. Soon she already performed roles in several off-Broadway productions. But further theatrical career did not get better, and Jennifer had to work as a waitress and bike courier. There was a period when she even thought about changing professions and went on a psychology course. Eventually, Aniston decides to try her luck in Los Angeles. There she meets an agent who has agreed to represent her, but the latter makes it obligatory for her to lose weight. The weight loss has had a positive impact on Aniston's career: gradually she begins to get small roles in the series. Well, and Aniston's debut on the big screen in the movie "Lepricone".

Soon Jennifer successfully passes the selection for one of the main roles in the new project - the television series "Friends", which, being extremely popular, remained on the air for ten years and served as a stepping stone to the development of further career actress. For the role of Rachel Aniston was awarded the "Golden Globe". From the cast of the series, she was the first to actively engage in big movies. So in 1996, Aniston plays in the film "She's the only one," and later released "Portrait of Perfection," "The object of my hobbies," "Thin Pink Line. And the role in the low-budget film "Good Girl" suddenly turns into a notable success with a lot of flattering reviews from critics. In the same period, the drama "Rock Star" and a comedy melodrama "Bruce the Almighty", starring Jim Kerry and Morgan Freeman. Well received the audience was and the comedy "Here's Polly."

After shooting the series "Friends", the career of Jennifer Aniston begins to develop even faster, she receives invitations to the roles in various films and sometimes begins to move away from the usual comedy image. So in 2005, she performed one of the main roles in the thriller "The Price of Treason. Founding a production company, Aniston begins to produce some of the films with his own participation. In subsequent years, released a number of successful films with her participation, such as the romantic comedy "Divorce in American", the comedy drama "Love Management," the comedy "Marley and I," the melodrama "Love happens" and the comedy "Pretend to be my wife. One of Jennifer Aniston's most recent notable works is "More than a Friend" and "The Passion to Change Places."

From 2000 to 2005, Aniston was married to Brad Pitt and their relationship loved to cover the press. Thus, most of the media reason for the divorce indicated the reluctance of Jennifer to have children, the break-up of the relationship was influenced by the beginning of the affair with his future wife Angelina Jolie. According to Jennifer, yoga classes helped her to overcome this difficult period.

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Set Jennifer Aniston wallpaper on your windows desktop

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If a wallpaper does not appear on your desktop, you need to update it. If the desktop is empty, right-click on it and select "Refresh".

Set Jennifer Aniston wallpaper on Android device

First of all you need download the wallpaper and it will be uploaded to your device. When viewing it in the gallery, you can use the options to set the image as wallpaper. Also, to install the downloaded image, you can press and hold your finger for a while on an empty area of the Android background, which will open the desktop setup tools. Select the "Wallpaper" tab and install the desired one (you can find the downloaded images in the "Gallery" or "Download" foler):

Install Jennifer Aniston wallpaper on iPhone and iPad

In order to install your own wallpaper on your iPhone and iPad, you need to select "All Photos" and navigate through the media library to install a downloaded wallpaper from the Internet. As soon as it is selected, a menu of its approval will appear. Here you can choose the "Screensaver" or "Perspective" effects. The second option moves the picture slightly across the screen when your iPhone or iPad tilts in space.

After pressing the "Set" button, a mini-menu with options will appear: "Lock Screen", "Home Screen" and "Both screens". It's simple here. If you want to install new wallpaper at once on your home screen and lock screen, you should choose the last third option, and in other cases - any other option at your discretion. After clicking on the desired option, in a few seconds, the new wallpaper will be installed in the selected places.

Set Jennifer Aniston wallpaper as background on MAC

  • Download image with Jennifer Aniston that you like the most
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  • Find the desired image.
  • Right-click on it or press two fingers on the MacBook trackpad to call up the context menu.
  • Select the Services option → Set Desktop Wallpaper.