Joker Description

Arthur Flack is a typical loser. He lives with his mother, gets a penny, his dreams fail day after day, and it is terrible to think about love. In the backyards of Gotham, torn by corruption and human hatred, he is still trying to bring joy and laughter to the world, to be a real friendly clown. However, people are cruel: the guy does not understand, his jokes are not laughed at, he is scrambled on the streets, tripped, kicked, beaten, mocked ... Yeah, Arthur's not like everybody else, and he's got a rosy past. But that doesn't stop him from trying once in a while to join a society that is no longer worth a single effort. This town doesn't need a hero, this town needs justice. Or an explosion sweeping away dirt, lawlessness and decaying morals.

In the center of the story - a man, unhappy, eternally looking for an excuse to consider themselves part of the world, part of society, which, in fact, not so much does not accept it, but is no longer able to exist in a holistic form. It's a search for Arthur, who grew up without a father, who has a sick mother, who has no examples or guidelines in life - except for the phrase 'you have to make people happy' and Murray Franklin, whose show Arthur wants to be on. In every new day he tries to find a reason to smile, he looks for meaning, enough reason to live on. Arthur is lonely, and he's looking for love. He is looking for love and recognition, for the possibility of being himself - he is looking like people all over the world, but he obviously needs it much more than others.

The theme of a neighbor you've known for a long time, a little man who's been pinched for a long time, a guy who the world doesn't care about - that's what's in the heart of the Joker.

Besides the fact that Arthur's life has never been sweet, it is also overshadowed by the daily kicks of fate: it seems that the black stripe is the character's lifelong condition. And when we think it's not going to get any worse, there's bound to be another kick - and there it is: a roadside, a ditch of life from which an endless staircase leads up to the sky, to the end of which you only want to die.

Injustice has many faces - and this is another theme of the film. 

It can be a garbage-filled street where hooligans steal things, men beat ladies, it is impossible to breathe, it is impossible to escape from the stuffy, stinking, poisonous air that you breathe in with the awareness of "the city doesn't give a shit about you. 

They could be colleagues, an employer, a postman, a social worker - anyone. It's a person who can do shit to you - and he'll do it for sure. It won't make him feel better - it's been done to him more than once. He just continues the chain reaction, spinning the endless spiral of human crap. That can only be patiently tolerated to a certain extent. And hell knows what the limit is for each of us.

They can be loved ones who, in their strange and strange way, put you in a completely desperate situation. Or strangers willing to spit in your face just because you're not like them.

It can be government, police and government agencies that pour endless stories into the ears of anyone who can hear, about the wonderful new world, that everyone deserves a beautiful life - and will get it, about justice that will triumph if you vote / pay / shut up. Is there any reason not to believe it, if a status uncle with a set voice and a prescribed speech promises you all the benefits of this world, if only you will be "for him," if you are on his wave, and if - preferably - you are a little more privileged than a citizen from a social apartment living in a nameless neighborhood next to rats and criminals.

Injustice is what divides people by income, pedigree and university name. The good is rich, the bad is poor. Good is dressed well, bad is not even a choice. Good - humiliates those who do not look like him, bad - passes by with a glimpse. The good justifies cruelty by its social position, the bad pushes the cruelty to the most extreme of all possible tragic positions. And now, according to Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morality, it turns out that we still have a lot of sympathy for Arthur Fleck, and for Gotham - and the one who rules him - we feel the most negative emotions, each time supported by new circumstances. And now Arthur Fleck is a good one. He is a symbol. And it's up to everyone to decide for themselves.

This delightful film, full of cruelty, violence, injustice and struggle against it, leaves the strongest emotions behind. It's a thriller and drama, it's a biopic of one of the most popular villains born from comic books. It is an incredibly beautiful spectacle, so energetically powerful that it is simply impossible to sit in the chair of the whole film. Empathy spills out beyond the lips squeezed, dissatisfaction want to express out loud - and turn around in search of a like-minded man, without saying a word. You want to throw the resentment into the screen, show the "fact", it is telling to laugh at the whole hall in response to what you saw / heard. "The Joker squeezes it out with no effort. And even with the condition that such gloomy dramas are not so easy and pleasant to look at in terms of emotional reactions, you want to review it as soon as possible. And even with the condition that the dynamics of a particular film does not imply a continuous action - on the contrary, the inner long and painful metamorphosis of the protagonist - you want to watch it endlessly and continuously. The Phoenix is the god of reincarnations, but even considering his ability to immerse himself in any role, there are few such knocking down characters on his account. Better yet, it won't be long before he goes crazy.

A separate story, Gotham and Wayne. It seemed that neither the Dark Knight, nor his story in the life of Arthur Fleck will figure. Somehow, however, the background, Todd Phillips, having rid himself of a superhero, saved one of the basic confrontations of Gotham. And revealed it in the most unusual way - for which he separately thanks. Well, Gotham is as grim and disgusting as he can be. He's a separate character in history, and he plays well.

The last one. Operator Lawrence Cher. Aesthetic orgasm. Visual pleasure. Verified footage, stunning angles, unexpectedly long shots (well, Phoenix's work is not without it), literally raping the eyesight. Rewind, rewind - and again. It's unbearably beautiful.

And the color scheme. The basic colors, red and green, in the maximum variation of shades. This clownish visual transforms with the character, gets additional meaning, hypnotizes, fascinates. It's like blots on the body of Gotham, which gradually acquires color, shows its face - the further, the more obvious.

I don't like clowns, but it seems like my attitude towards them has just changed.

I understand them now.

How to set Joker wallpaper windows desktop, android, iphone, mac

Set Joker wallpaper on your windows desktop

  • Download the wallpaper from our website with special button, all images that we have has high quality and definition, that means you can install it on any device and it will fit perfectly
  • After downloading the image, go to the folder with the saved image, right-click on it and select "Set as Desktop Background".
If a wallpaper does not appear on your desktop, you need to update it. If the desktop is empty, right-click on it and select "Refresh".

Set Joker wallpaper on Android device

First of all you need download the wallpaper and it will be uploaded to your device. When viewing it in the gallery, you can use the options to set the image as wallpaper. Also, to install the downloaded image, you can press and hold your finger for a while on an empty area of the Android background, which will open the desktop setup tools. Select the "Wallpaper" tab and install the desired one (you can find the downloaded images in the "Gallery" or "Download" foler):

Install Joker wallpaper on iPhone and iPad

In order to install your own wallpaper on your iPhone and iPad, you need to select "All Photos" and navigate through the media library to install a downloaded wallpaper from the Internet. As soon as it is selected, a menu of its approval will appear. Here you can choose the "Screensaver" or "Perspective" effects. The second option moves the picture slightly across the screen when your iPhone or iPad tilts in space.

After pressing the "Set" button, a mini-menu with options will appear: "Lock Screen", "Home Screen" and "Both screens". It's simple here. If you want to install new wallpaper at once on your home screen and lock screen, you should choose the last third option, and in other cases - any other option at your discretion. After clicking on the desired option, in a few seconds, the new wallpaper will be installed in the selected places.

Set Joker wallpaper as background on MAC

  • Download image with Joker that you like the most
  • Open the Finder (find it in the Dock panel or in the search box).
  • Find the desired image.
  • Right-click on it or press two fingers on the MacBook trackpad to call up the context menu.
  • Select the Services option → Set Desktop Wallpaper.