Margot Robbie Description

Margot Robbie is called Hollywood Cinderella and the living embodiment of Barbie. Little-known Australian actress conquered the world after the role of Naomi Lapaglia in the acclaimed Martin Scorsese film "The Wolf of Wall Street.

Margot Robbie  was born on the Gold Coast of Australia, in the coastal city of Gold Coast, which is a famous tourist center. But she spent her entire childhood on a grandparents' farm in the small provincial town of Dolby. The father, farmer Mike Robbie, left the family and Sari Kessler had to lift four children on their own - older Lachlan, Margot, younger Cameron and little Anja.

After her parents' divorce, Margot had no contact with her father, and the girl's mother was the example. She was a physiotherapist and worked first with older people and later with children with disabilities.

At school Margot attended almost all classes - from rowing to dancing, from theatrical performances to softball. Later, surfing became her passion: she could disappear for hours on the beach to catch a wave for a moment. On vacation, her mother would send her children to the farm, so at the age of 10 little Margot knew how to make firewood and milk cows. But secretly from everyone, she always dreamed of shining under the lights of soffits.

After high school, Robbie went to Somerset Private College. To support her mother, who was torn between home, children and the hospital, Margot already at 16 years old took three jobs: a waitress, a maid and a saleswoman in a small shop on the beach. She managed to put aside some money for which she bought a ticket to Melbourne and paid the first installment for acting courses. On the south coast, the girl had a hard time: she studied during the day, then ran to endless auditions and castings, and in the evening she wore a sandwich salesman's uniform to "Sabway" to be able to pay for her studies.

The first roles of Margot were so minor that her name did not even appear in the credits. But they were enough that in 2007, the novice actress noticed the famous Australian director Aash Aron, who offered Robbie the lead role in his new thriller "I see you.

A really happy year for Margot was 2008. She got casting the series "Neighbors", which was successfully broadcast on Australian TV since 1985. The girl did not hope to get the role, so immediately after the casting rushed with her boyfriend in a five-week holiday to the other side of the world - lovers flew to Canada to go snowboarding. Not having had time to conquer the Canadian peaks, Margot received an SMS, which reported that now she is Donna Friedman, one of the new characters in the popular series. Two days later, Robbie was back in Australia.

Margot spent almost three years shooting soap opera, spending 5 days a week for 17 hours a day. The last episode with her was released on January 26, 2011. The role of a student fashion designer brought the actress two nominations for the prestigious Australian Logie Awards.

In 2011, Margo Robbie went to conquer Hollywood. But here no one was waiting for an Australian woman with open arms, and again began endless castings. The actress tried out for the role of Abby Sampson in the series "Charlie's Angels", but the producers preferred Rachel Taylor.

Nevertheless, the leadership of Sony Pictures Television did not ignore the application spectacular blonde, and she was offered one of the main roles in the new project "Pan American" with Christina Ricci and Kelly Garner. The series was closed after the first season due to low ratings, but the role of flight attendant Laura Cameron was for Robbie a trip to the big movies.

In 2012, Richard Curtis offered Margot a role in the movie "Boyfriend of the Future", and a year later the talent of a young Australian won Martin Scorsese. About who the eminent director will choose for the role of "hot blonde" in his new project "Wolf of Wall Street", guessed all Hollywood.

Margot sent Martinu his portfolio without much hope and, as in the case of "Neighbors", flew to another continent - in Britain, to celebrate the "diamond" anniversary of the Queen. The same evening the girl received a message - a day later she had to come to New York for an audition with Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. When casting manager Ellen Lewis saw what the actress came in (it was ripped jeans and ballet), immediately sent her to the store for "the sexiest short dress and shoes in high heels.

At the audition, Leo improvised, and Margot had to adjust. When, in one of the scenes, DiCaprio said, after another family reunion: "You should be happy to have a husband like me. Now come here and kiss me," Robbie wasn't confused. And although she really wanted to kiss the actor, who was her idol since childhood, she came up and slapped him ringing slap, although it was not in the script. After that, Scorsese had no doubt about who would play Jordan Belfort's wife. At the premiere of "The Wolf of Wall Street" in Australia, the actress invited all his family except his grandparents - Margot was worried that they will not bear the fate.

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Set Margot Robbie wallpaper on your windows desktop

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If a wallpaper does not appear on your desktop, you need to update it. If the desktop is empty, right-click on it and select "Refresh".

Set Margot Robbie wallpaper on Android device

First of all you need download the wallpaper and it will be uploaded to your device. When viewing it in the gallery, you can use the options to set the image as wallpaper. Also, to install the downloaded image, you can press and hold your finger for a while on an empty area of the Android background, which will open the desktop setup tools. Select the "Wallpaper" tab and install the desired one (you can find the downloaded images in the "Gallery" or "Download" foler):

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After pressing the "Set" button, a mini-menu with options will appear: "Lock Screen", "Home Screen" and "Both screens". It's simple here. If you want to install new wallpaper at once on your home screen and lock screen, you should choose the last third option, and in other cases - any other option at your discretion. After clicking on the desired option, in a few seconds, the new wallpaper will be installed in the selected places.

Set Margot Robbie wallpaper as background on MAC

  • Download image with Margot Robbie that you like the most
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  • Right-click on it or press two fingers on the MacBook trackpad to call up the context menu.
  • Select the Services option → Set Desktop Wallpaper.