Saoirse Ronan Description

Sirshi's debut role was the medical television series "Clinic", which was released in 2003 at prime time on one of the main public Irish television channels. The series has received many awards, and the young actress, starring in several episodes, noticed by other directors. In 2004-2005, the girl took part in shooting the mini-series "Proof". At the same time, Ronan participated in tests for the role of Moon Lovegood for the film "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," but lost to another Irishman - Evanna Lynch.

When Saoirse was twelve years old, she was invited to audition. After a successful audition, the girl received the role of thirteen-year-old novice writer Briony Tallis in the war drama by Joe Wright's "Atonement", shot by the novel of the same name by Ian McEwan. Partners Ronan became famous actors Kiera Knightley and James McAvoy. Worldwide box office receipts of the film was 130 million dollars. The film has won many prestigious awards, including the BAFTA award for best film and the Golden Globe for best drama. The young actress received critical acclaim and was the youngest BAFTA nominee, Golden Globe and Oscar in the category Best Supporting Actress.

The next film with Saoirse was the 2007 comedy melodrama "I'll never be yours" with Michelle Pfeiffer in the lead role. Due to funding problems, the picture without preview in cinemas was immediately released on DVD. The film was coldly criticized by critics as an unfunny mixture of show business satire and romantic comedy templates.

The following year, Saoirse played a role in the thriller "Death Room", which tells the story of the world famous illusionist Harry Houdini. The main roles were played by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Guy Pierce. Despite this, the film failed in distribution. For her role Ronan was awarded the Irish Film and Television Award. In the same year, Saoirse played a major role in the post-apocalyptic fantasy film Jill Kenan's "The City of Amber: Escape", based on the novel by Jean Dupro. The painting received mixed reviews from critics and did not pay for its own production.

In 2009, the screens out Peter Jackson drama "Cute Bones". The film was a screen adaptation of the bestseller of the same name, Alice Seebold. Heroine Ronan - murdered fourteen-year-old girl who follows the events in her family from her otherworldly world between earth and heaven. Initially, Saoirse and her family were strongly opposed to the girl's role. Ronan only gave her consent to the filming after the director convinced her in person. The girl's partners were Rachel Weiss and Mark Wahlberg. The movie caused mixed reviews. Mostly it was about the plot of the painting and her general message. Sirshi's game was called "magic." The young actress was awarded the Critics' Choice Award, Saturn and the second BAFTA nomination.

In 2010, Ronan played a role in the drama "The Way Home", which is based on memoirs of the Polish military. The film received many positive reviews, and the actress was awarded another prize for Irish cinema and television.

In 2011, Saoirse resumed cooperation with director Joe Wright. This time the girl played a major role in action movie "Hannah. Perfect Arms". In 2012, scheduled for release fantastic thriller Neil Jordan's "Byzantium," where Ronan will play a key role.

In her free time from filming, Saoirse supports the Irish charity animal aid society "Blue Cross" in recognition of the fact that they once helped her find her missing dog Sessi.

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